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Samhällsprogrammet Social Science (SA)

The International Social Science Programme is intended for students who are interested in how people and societies develop and function today in various ways. Other focus areas are History, Languages, Religions and Democracy.

The International Social Science Programme follows the syllabus for the Swedish Samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet (SA) using English as the language of instruction and communication.

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What you will study

You learn about social structures and people’s living conditions from a national and global perspective. You broaden and extend your knowledge of various social issues through interpreting, explaining and applying the methods of the social sciences. You study International relations and focus on the United Nations’ (UN) key issues. We give you the opportunity to prepare for language proficiency tests, i.e. Cambridge Certificate (CAE).

After graduation

The programme lays the foundations for further studies in a broad range of social science areas in higher education, both in Sweden and abroad. The demand for high level English language skills, such as those provided by the Cambridge Certificate (CAE), is increasing all around the world. Passing Cambridge English Advanced shows that you are a high achiever and it is a badge of excellence. CAE is an internationally recognized certificate and is looked upon favourably by future employers and can be used for your university and student Visa applications in the UK and Australia.

Ten Reasons to choose a program at the International College (INT)

  1. It increases your academic possibilities: Many universities in Sweden have course books, lectures and seminars in English and require you to write essays and reports in English, especially in science and mathematics.
  2. It enhances your future attractiveness: Being proficient in English and modern languages makes you attractive both the national and global market. It is becoming more and more difficult to get a job today without good English skills.
  3. You will learn studying and time management techniques that will serve you well, both now and in the future.
  4. The classes are smaller, allowing our teachers to spend more time helping and developing you as a student.
  5. The teaching team is highly qualified and international: the teachers come from many different countries and different walks of life.
  6. You will have the possibility to participate in exchange trips to other countries, such as Spain, Finland, Italy, England, and China.
  7. All programmes can participate in the European Youth Parliament and several UN activities. If you study Business you also learn how to start your own company, and in Natural Sciences you have the opportunity to visit an observatory and compete in the European Youth Science Olympiad.
  8. We also offer the possibility to take the Cambridge English: Advanced exam (CEA), which gives you a diploma in English proficiency that will increase your chances of studying abroad immensely.
  9. The classes are very multi-international, with students from across the world, with just a few examples being Germany, Iran, Australia, England, Greece, Nigeria, USA, and Poland.
  10. Lastly, students who attend the International College have some of the highest average grades in all of Sörmland county, proving the quality of not only the teachers, but also the excellent performance of the students.

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FAQ Vanliga frågor

The teachers are nice, helpful and you can always ask questions. Each teacher has their own style of teaching. You can even ask teachers questions that are not related to the subject they are teaching you as the teachers are often competent in several subjects. You get to know your teachers well and develop good working relationships with them which helps you to do well in a subject.

We also have study time for one hour a week and you can go to any teacher for help even in other subjects.

Because INT is comprised of three programmes; economy, natural science and social studies, we receive a wide array of students. The classes tend to be varied with students from all over the world, with an even split between boys and girls, which creates a dynamic environment. It is also common for our students to have plans to study or work abroad.

Yes. We take pride in our profession and being able to be of help to our students is what keeps us going. We care about the well-being of our students and their studies and try to support them as much as we can.

Yes. S:t Eskils gymnasium works together with Erasmus+ and other countries to arrange for exchange trips to several countries, with Spain, China, England, and Hungary being just a few examples.

You do not need to have gone to an English-speaking school prior to coming to the International program. You will be exposed to English several hours a day, which will improve your own English and make your studies much more manageable.

All courses except Swedish are in English.

Some subjects you might find easy and require less time, and some might be harder and require more. There will be times where the workload is a bit higher, and sometimes it will be lower. Rest assured, however, as we teach study techniques and time management skills to help you deal with this.

Yes you can.

Yes. All the programmes at INT follow the Swedish school plan. The only thing that is different is that the teaching language is in English. As many programs or courses in science and medicine at University are in English, this can be a good advantage.

During the first year, you have shared classes in a few subjects. This approach gives you the opportunity to change between the two programmes, should you desire to.

The International College programs are based on the national curriculum , same courses but in English. IB is based on a different system.

The program is in English. It gives an opportunity to apply to universities abroad and to have collaborations with different schools around in the world. We have a global approach in our classrooms and with our teaching material. Many of the teaching staff have an international background. You also can sit the CEA exam, an English competency test, which will increase your odds of studying abroad.

Just as with the previous question, it depends a bit on the teacher and the course. We plan to make sure that the exams do not overlap or that there are not too many exams at once.

This depends a lot on the teacher and subject. Some subjects can give a bit more homework than the others, and sometimes it can be more, sometimes less. We teachers communicate with each other to make sure that the burden of homework is as manageable as possible.


Utskriftsvänliga poängplaner International College

Business & Management Pdf, 369 kB.

Social Science Pdf, 227 kB.

Natural Science Pdf, 353 kB.


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