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Here you will find important information for our students.

Study Results

To help you succeed in your studies and achieve the best possible results/grades, we offer support and assistance. We have Study Time (STT) one hour per week where all your teachers are available, and you can focus on the subject or area you want to improve with support from the teachers. We also offer support at other times, and these times are scheduled in the student's personal timetable, with attendance being mandatory.

We have a dedicated Student Health Team with a counselor, school nurse, study counselor, student support, and special education teacher ready to support and guide you in your school journey.

You also have a responsibility to arrive on time, listen to the teacher, show consideration for your classmates, bring the right materials, and keep track of what needs to be done in different courses. If, for any reason, you do not achieve a passing grade (E) in several courses, it may be necessary for you to repeat the year.

The first lesson is as important as the last one! We follow courses on an annual basis, so you receive final grades for courses after each school year. It's important to be present from the beginning!

Our Learning Platform - Itslearning

All your courses are available on itslearning, and parents can also log in to see your performance in the courses. Visit in your web browser and log in with Bank ID. If you, as a parent, reside in a different municipality, we may need to handle your account manually. In that case, please contact

As of today, parents can only log in through the web browser. Itslearning is currently developing an app for parents, and the launch date is yet unknown.

Assessments for Students

Assessments for each course are published on itslearning. During the autumn term, both students and parents can see all assessments from week 45. Afterward, the assessments will be continuously updated throughout the school year.

We do not assign letter grades in the assessments; grades are given at the end of the course. The assessments are complemented with teacher-student discussions.

Skola24 Absence Reporting

Parents of underage students can obtain login credentials for Skola24. This way, you will receive email notifications in case of any student absences. Contact the student's mentor for more information.

Reporting Absence
For students of legal age or parents, call 0515-777026 to report absence using a touch-tone phone. Parents must always report the absence of underage students.

Absence reporting can only be done for a full day. If you call after 12:00, the absence will be recorded for the following day. If you need to report partial-day absences, contact the school office or your mentor directly. If, for some reason, you cannot report the absence via a touch-tone phone, the student should contact their mentor.

You can also download the Skola24 app, which offers additional features, including reporting partial-day absences.

Failure to report absence immediately is considered an unauthorized absence.


Check your personal timetable frequently, especially during the first weeks of the school year when changes may occur.

If you notice any errors in your schedule, report them to your mentor as soon as possible.


In high school, attendance is mandatory, and to succeed in your studies, being present in school is essential. Students should not be absent from lessons without prior notification or approved leave.

Leave is granted for a maximum of 3 days per school year and must always be approved by the school.

You are responsible for making up missed lessons if you have been absent.

Leave Application Form for Students Coming soon

In cases of absence exceeding 15% during a 30-day period, the school investigates the absence and reports it to CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance) if the absence cannot be substantiated with a medical certificate or similar. Unauthorized absences totaling four (4) hours at different times within a 30-day period are also investigated. Learn more at

A revoked study grant may potentially affect other potential family benefits.

Student Development Meetings

Held once per term. The legal guardians of underage students are invited to these meetings.

Class Council

Each class has a scheduled class council. The class council consists of all students in the class and the class mentors. The primary purpose of the class council is to provide a forum for student democracy.

Personal Computer

At S:t Eskil, students borrow a laptop for their studies and are responsible for it during their study period. Rules and usage are regulated in a separate document, and a contract is established between the school and the borrower/guardian.

You are expected to return your computer to the school in good condition when you graduate. You may be liable for replacement costs in case of abnormal wear and tear or damage.

Tech Support

Jocke assists with tech-related issues from Monday to Thursday between 10:30-11:15 and 12:15-13:15. Jocke's office is located in the school office in Building A.

If you have issues with your account/password, you can also seek assistance in the library.

Jocke is often busy, and in most cases, restarting your computer resolves the problem. Closing the laptop lid does not restart the computer. Regularly restarting your computer is the best practice for optimal performance. If your computer is totally frozen, you can press and hold the power button for about 20-30 seconds.

Computer Usage

The school is a workplace, and all computer usage should be related to schoolwork. Eating is not allowed when using computers since they are sensitive to dirt and liquids. Pornographic, racist, or other offensive content is not allowed on school computers. Users of the internet must inform themselves about and adhere to internet etiquette rules. Only materials explicitly allowed for distribution may be copied or distributed. All forms of copyright must be respected. System administrators have the right to monitor the school's systems and check their content without prior notice.

Your Safety at S:t Eskil

All theft-prone equipment is marked with DNA, an invisible marking that allows the equipment to be traced back to our school. We have surveillance cameras on the school premises, and these can be used to identify and investigate suspected crimes.

The cameras are in operation around the clock.

Since the school is not a public place, unauthorized individuals are asked to leave. Please inform a staff member if you suspect unauthorized individuals are on school grounds. It is important that you, as a student, always carry your access card so that you can be easily identified.

We keep entrance doors locked, and students enter with their access cards. Visitors must pre-announce their visit and are allowed in by appointment.

Report immediately to a staff member if you suspect unauthorized individuals on the school premises. As a student, always carry your access card and be prepared to show it if requested. If you lose your access card, it should be blocked, and you will need to purchase a new card for 100 SEK.

Student Health Work

At S:t Eskils gymnasium, all our students are the responsibility of all our staff. This means that everyone working in the institution should be involved in and responsible for student health work, aiming to create a good learning environment for students' knowledge development. All students have the right to a good environment to provide the best conditions for their knowledge and personal development. The environment should promote learning, development, and health.

To facilitate students' studies, we have Student Health Services, which include medical, psychological, psychosocial, and special pedagogical interventions. This work is conducted at the organizational, group, and individual levels. As a result, there are resources such as a school doctor, school nurse, psychologist, counselor, student support, special education teacher, and study and career counselors.

Read our Student Health Plan. Coming soon

Plan Against Discrimination and Harassment

All schools are required to actively work to promote equal rights and opportunities for students. Schools must work preventively against both harassment and discrimination related to gender, ethnicity, religion or other belief, sexual orientation, or disability. Read the plan #schyssteskilit.

School Goals for the Academic Year 2023-24

We revise our school goals every academic year, and these goals should permeate daily work.

See the goals. Coming soon

Rules and Regulations

Read our rules and regulations here (opens in a new window). Coming soon

In case of a fire

If you discover a fire, call 112.

In case of a fire alarm, everyone should evacuate the building using the designated exit routes and assemble at Fors kyrkopark, where further instructions will be given.


Defibrillators are located in the entrances of Building A and Building B, and in the northern entrance of Building D, toward the city center (Careliigatan 11).

Action Plan Against Drugs

S:t Eskil Gymnasium aims to be drug-free. Students are not allowed to be in school while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The school's goal is to work together with students, parents, social services, and the police to prevent substance abuse in the first place, and in the second place, to detect and take action against drug abuse at an early stage. If school staff becomes concerned that a student might be using drugs or alcohol, the student's legal guardians and social services are informed. The student's situation is assessed by the school health service/student health team.

Read the municipal high school's Action Plan Against Drugs in its entirety. Coming soon


Smoking is not allowed by law on school premises. Tobacco smoke is perceived as highly disturbing by many and can be allergic to nicotine. The smoking ban also includes not only tobacco products but also tobacco-related products, such as e-cigarettes. Even if not all products are burned, the usage is considered "smoking" under the application of rules on smoke-free environments.

Our staff is subject to the municipality's regulations regarding smoke-free working hours.

The Public Health Agency clarifies the law regarding the smoking ban on school grounds:

"The ban also applies to e-cigarettes and other tobacco-like products.

The smoking ban includes not only tobacco products but also tobacco-related products, such as e-cigarettes. Even if all products are not burned, their use is equated with "smoking" when applying the rules on smoke-free environments.

The smoking ban means that it is prohibited to:

  • Smoke tobacco
  • Inhale evaporated tobacco (for example, the use of heated tobacco products)
  • Smoke herbal products
  • Use e-cigarettes
  • Use recreational substances similar to smoking that do not contain tobacco (e.g., smoking a water pipe with content other than tobacco)."

Parent Resources from A Non Smoking Generation. Coming soon

Waste Sorting/Recycling

We have waste sorting/recycling bins in the corridors and a recycling station in the schoolyard. It is everyone's responsibility to help with this.

Save the planet!

School Restaurant

The school restaurant serves the daily special, an alternative dish, and a vegetarian option. (Those who require pork-free meals are served vegetarian dishes.) If you need a special diet, it's essential that the school is informed. The "Special Diet Certificate" form (available for download) is collected and delivered to the meal staff or school nurse. Lunch is served between 11:00 and 13:00.

Students should eat during their scheduled lunchtime to avoid unnecessary queues. After finishing the meal, students should clear their own dishes and sort waste at the dish return area.

Opening Hours

Our school buildings are locked, and authorized entry is granted with access cards. Visitors should announce their visit and will be allowed in by appointment. We are available from 08:00 to 17:00 on all school days, except Fridays when we close at 16:00.

That your access card will not work after closing hours.

Financial Aid

Our school office assists with questions related to student grants, lodging allowances, repayable student aid, travel allowances, and additional allowances. In most cases, we refer to CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance).


All students at the school are accident insured for injuries that occur around the clock.
Learn more. Coming soon

Access to Elevators

If, for any medical reason, a student needs to use the elevator, we can accommodate this. Authorization is added to the student's access card. Contact the school office.

Information on Canceled Lessons

If a teacher does not arrive for a lesson within 10 minutes, the class should report this to the school office. First, check if there is any message on itslearning's homepage.

Absent staff will be posted on itslearning's homepage and currently only appears in your web browser.

We are highly committed to ensuring all lessons take place, and alternative staff members are available, even if the course teacher is absent.

Visit your ongoing course on itslearning and continue your work based on the current plan if a substitute is not available.

Lost Items

Lost items can be handed in and collected at the school office, with the exception of sports equipment left in the gym. Items can also be handed directly to the police's lost and found department.

Bus Pass

For questions regarding bus passes, contact the school office. Do not purchase bus passes at the Travel Center; only the school can issue a valid pass. The cost is 100 SEK for a new card, as determined by Sörmlandstrafiken.

If you come from another municipality, apply for travel support in your home municipality.

For students from other municipalities, apply for travel to and from school in your home municipality. Bus passes purchased, for example, at the Travel Center cannot be used for bus trips to and from school.

Student Lockers

Student lockers are school property and are lent to students during the school year. Students are responsible for cleaning and emptying the lockers at the end of each school year. The school does not compensate for any losses of items stored in the lockers. Ensure not to store theft-prone items in the locker.

We empty the lockers at the end of each school year. Clean out your locker and remove the padlock! We will cut locks that are not removed before the summer vacation.

Feedback on the School and Its Activities

You are welcome to provide feedback to your course teacher, mentor, or the responsible principal. See Contact Us down below.

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